Phoebe Hunt at the Rail 3/2

Rail on the River 2024 – June 27-30:

Cary Morin and Ghost Dog
The River Arkansas
Phoebe Hunt & Clay Rose
the Alcapones
Greg Schochet & Little America
Jake Leg
Blue Canyon Boys
Ain’t From Here
Charlie Stevens Band
Green Buddha
Swing Aggregate

Saturday Burn Ceremony

Midnight Dace Party
with Crick Wooder!

+artists added as we confirm!


Organized jams + super cool leaders
Mentored Beginners Jam
Ladies Jam

Thursday Potluck Open Mic


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Mornings
with The Heavenly Energy!

Texas Songwriter Circle
with Kevin Dooley


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am to noon~

covering art which may include

canvas, fiber, watercolors, alcohol, dye, etc

music, philosophy, mentor sessions

topics like
music theory, band business

psychedelics/microdosing, cooking
wild herbs id/use, instrument intensives..
almost anything!

All workshops are put on by the Rail, Lefthand artist group members, and other volunteers
Most completely unpaid with the exception of some invited musicians.

If you wish to host a workshop or jam, we’ll have a link to sign up
right here –> 🙂 pretty soon.

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Check back soon!

don’t get shut out by waiting until the last minute!

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For musicians and foodies, toe tappers and singers!
Potlucks with a live musical twist!

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