Medicine On The River Festival!
Melt Your Face – Ultimate Fun!

August 25-28 2022

Gasoline Lollipops, Benny Galloway and the Country Angles, Sad Cowboy, Johnny Truscelli, Aint’ From Here, Dad Burn It, Rebecca Folsom, 2022 Rockygrass Band Competition Winners Pick N Howl, Espresso, John McKay Band, Blackdog with Sally Van Meter
and more!

Welcome to the official home of Medicine on the River 2022!

Medicine on the River with Benny ‘Burle’ Galloway
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Supporting Community and Fair Pay for Colorado Musicians

For FUN ~ not profit!

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Tickets on sale NOW! Get ’em here!

What are people saying?

Deb G: Rail on the River was a magical festival at Parrish Ranch in Berthoud, CO. Personally, I rediscovered camping and all the joy of starry nights followed by coffee with new friends in the morning. An amazing lineup of musical talent kept us delighted, both with old favorites and new-to-us talent that we’ll be looking forward to hearing again. Potluck meals, food trucks and impromptu invitations to join friends for a bite were all joyful celebrations and nourished hearts and bodies. We just can’t wait for August and more fun and shenanigans all set to the live music of an amazing lineup orchestrated by Burle Galloway.

Rae M: Rail on the River is full of characters, conversations, and compositions/performances you won’t forget. But for me what made Rail on the River incomparable was the overall experience. My friend and I were gifted parasols that we danced on the soft silted ground under the moonlight in the rain with. I waded in the river and played my ukulele on a rock, and a crowd of crawdads came to listen and tap the beat on my feet. At night the peacocks would echo their cry under the endless starry skies, and you could hear campers throughout the ranch call back. It became impossible to tell what was campers and what was peacocks. We watched the sun rise over the ridge and the incredible vision of every kind of rock you can imagine, blended together from the flood, was like a patchwork quilt. We spent late nights talking to strangers who become dear friends, and had many adventures just frolicking in the beautiful surroundings. Now add to that a soundtrack of endlessly talented musicians, nourishing soul food, fantastic sound technicians, a dance hall full of history, and song circles sharing hearts and souls with each other… That’s Rail in the River. Priceless.

We keep busy all year long!

We’re a growing community of music, food, and fun lovers.
We do acoustic jams, house concerts, and socials!
For musicians and foodies, toe tappers and singers!
Potlucks with a live musical twist!
Community starts here

How to join us ~ links:

Meetup group: Longmont Musical Supper Club
Browse upcoming events here and get email invites when something new is announced.
This is where you rsvp – the most important link here – you want to be invited, right?

Facebook Group – community and info!
Connect with the people that attend in our casual facebook group.

Facebook page
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Regular Events ~ What we do:

All of our events can be found on our meetup page here

  1. Second Sundays Monthly at Paul & Kori’s “Wake and Bake” from noon until 4pm. These are breakfast/lunch potlucks and an open jam + song circle. Primarily strings. Light drums cool, to compliment the jam. There is no official jam leadership, and everyone gets to participate!
    Potluck “participation” optional. Just come and eat and don’t sweat it Or, bring something amazing. Musicians and music lovers welcome. You do not need to be a musician to come! There is no charge or donation requested. *sometimes people will pay to reserve a space at Rail on the River or one of our other upcoming events, if you see that happening, don’t sweat it!

  2. Third Wednesday Supper Songs at Shelley’s
    Third Wednesday evenings we gather at 7pm at Shelley’s for a potluck and music performed live at Shelley’s house – up close and personal!. Bring a homemade side if you can. If you can’t, wine or beer or other to share. We ask everyone who can throw $10 into the musicians tip jar. If you can’t afford, that’s fine, we’d rather you came anyway! If you can afford more, we really appreciate it! While exposure is great, we prefer to honor our artists with cash that can pay rent, bills, etc.

  3. Occasional Rail Shows – usually Saturday Night House Concerts at P&Ks.
    Something special. 2 or 3 times a year we’ll bring in a great band to play for us live.  
    remember… “What happens at supper club, stays at supper club!”
    No money to the house for house concerts but we ask for sliding scale donations ($10 and up) that go 100% directly to the band.

  4. Rail on the River and Medicine on the River!
    Get tickets here!
    We do two musical campouts – One the last weekend in June and the other the last weekend in August. Both at a private campground about 15 minutes north of Longmont. These run from Thursday afternoon to Sunday. We book some great musical acts, do interactive art, light-hearted ceremony, a big potluck on Thursday night and a wake-n-bake onsite Sunday morning. Breakfast jam with pickin, coffee, toast, and spreads each morning. There’s lots of campground pickin and celebration of the amazing community we have together. Bring your stringed instruments, your singing voice, bacon, and a smile.

    Donate to save your spot! The time is NOW!

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