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So you want to party with us…

Please note that we do not accept phone calls for booking. email only (read this entire page, for sure). If you find our home phone number and call us looking to book a band, we’ll say no and we’ll be really, really, annoyed and you won’t have any luck booking your artist(s).

We hate to sound discouraging, but that’s what we’re about to do……

We plan to host 6 or so musical adventures with food (gourmet potlucks with great bands) in the next year yet we will be contacted by close to 100 musicians who would like to join us for one of our unique gatherings. We would love to host more, but we do this for fun and we do not collect any money for ourselves. We lose money on every potluck, we only do it for fun and community. We invite our friends. You may invite your friends as well.

We are committed to hosting events with music we are sure our community will enjoy. Many of our attendees are working musicians and other industry professionals who live in Boulder County and tour nationwide. We are lucky enough to be able to go for a “sure thing” in the talent we choose so we most often pick artists we have seen live before. We also get to be a bit selfish and pick the styles we like best – mainly Americana, classical fusion, traditional bluegrass, old-time, western swing, jamgrass, Vaudville revival, gypsy… We lean strongly in the direction of roots oriented acoustic string music. We generally don’t do “singer-songwriter” type stuff, but lean towards musicians who consider themselves “pickers.” We are drawn to virtuosity. 

We tape all of our gatherings and share some of them freely. 

Saturdays are best! We book 95% of our events on Saturdays.

if you are a gambler and we haven’t discouraged you yet… send us an email with links to see you perform live. Links to youtubes of you in action at clubs or festivals or house concerts work best.  Send us your e-press kit / one-page along with dates you are available and in the area. Where? Hit up Paul Rennix. or use postal mail to send CDs or other hardcopy materials at your option to “Rennix 2128 24th Ave Longmont 80501.”

If we are interested, we will be in touch.

Really, its almost hopeless!

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