Rail on the River 2021

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a private non-profit musical campout for friends and fun


+3pm Line up, if you must

you may drive down Parrish Ranch Road to the campground entrance and line up for gate opening at 3:30. Do not line up anywhere before 3pm! Not at the end of the road, not at the edge of the ranch, please! There are a TON of great shaded camp sites VERY CLOSE to the stage! There is no need to scramble for a spot. Everything is close!

+3:30pm gates open. Set up camp!

+6pm Campout wide POTLUCK

+7pm-ish Open Mike or songwriters thing? Working out details here now

Dinner will be served (for a donation tbd) both Friday and Saturday!

Tentative menu:
Friday Hog Roast with all the trimmings! Vegetarian plates will be available.
Saturday – Southwest-Mexican – Colorado/Taos style
Vegetarian plates will be available.

Friday: Starts at 11am

Oopsie and the daisies
Louder by the Hour
Goodhearted Villains
Crick Wooder

Friday Latenight in dance hall 

+10:30ish till very late:
Louder By The Hour & Friends

Saturday: Starts at 11am

Mckay Bros
Kevin Dooley & Friends
“MA” Magnee/Amedee and friends
Gasoline Lollipops
Crick Wooder CLOSER

Saturday Latenight in dance hall 

+10:30ish till very late:
Crick Wooder Set 3!


-Wake-n-Bake on the River! Breaksfast jams, burns, community
-Cleanup! We ask everyone to spend a half hour helping us cleanup from our fun at the ranch
-Pack up and get the heck out! (you’ll be ready for a nap!)

all subject to change.
Rain or shine!
No pets, weapons, fireworks
Please leave your politicas, drama, and negativity at home!