Parking and the ‘hood

Be Good in the Hood!


Just about everyone understands this stuff, but there are a couple specific requests we have….When visiting for wake-n-bake or supper songs, it is VERY IMPORTANT to be good in the hood! This means:

Park politely (and within the law)
park at LEAST 5 feet from anyone’s driveway or mailbox-area and 10 feet from fire hydrant. There is a bunch of parking on Stuart, super close.

Please think about where you park and be polite. As with Paul’s place – if you walk a block or two, you help keep impact on neighbors low. Longmont will ticket you for being closer than 5′ to a driveway or 15′ from a hydrant.

ON 24th Ave
Parking is tight in this neighborhood, so we need your help – park smart! Suggestions marked below in purple are corner areas with long stretches that aren’t right in front of someone’s house, and usually have free spots. Super close, 2 minute walk. Please avoid parking in front of the immediate neighbors and the fire hydrant. (in red)

parking for 2128 24th ave – purple good – red bad! πŸ™‚

Be Nice with the neighbors! – if you manage to draw the attention of a neighbor, be super nice! Even if for some reason they have something negative to say (like “don’t park there” or “why did you park there?” OR WHATEVER!) 🙂

Do whatever it takes to make it so the contact doesn’t escalate into something bad.

Specific Parking Requests:
1. Please do not park in front of the neighbor directly across the street or the neighbors on either side of them. Please do not park in front of the neighbors on either side of the Rail.

2. Please do not park within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
Neighbors will call to get you towed!

3. Please do not park in front of the neighbors on either side of my or Shelley’s house. Please plan to walk a couple hundred feet. πŸ™‚ If you need to drop instruments or food or whatever, that is fine. Leave your car running blocking MY or Shelley’s driveway, run the stuff in, and go park. If there is space to park in my driveway on 24th, you are welcome to park there.

The point: the neighbors immediately surrounding have likely had the most impact and they know where it’s coming from. So please just avoid the houses on either side of me, and the houses on either side of the neighbors across the street.

Also, if you want to go outside for a smoke or to make a call, hang out, get some air… etc, please use the back yard. We want to be stealth. We don’t want it to be obvious there is an event happening. Save the front for arriving and leaving.

We gotta be pro! It is super important we keep things good in the hood! πŸ™‚

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