Musical Supper Club April 25 (2018#4)

#4 in our 2018 series features 3 sets from some amazing Colorado treasures!

Save The Date!
Wednesday April 25, 2018
Doors / Old-Fashioned Hour / Potluck 7ish
Music 8:00ish – 9:30ish with a pick/jam afterward

We’ll be doing 4 sets. – contact Paul if you’d like to play.
dm at twitter to @prennix
at gmail > prennix


etc are sent out a couple days prior to those who have RSVPd.
This happens in North Longmont near Hover and 66th.

Bring your stringed instruments for a pick!
Pickers make the pick happen or not!

Food and Drink! POTLUCK!
We will be potlucking and byob-ing as usual. Help us make the potluck special by bringing something homemade and great! The house will be providing some roast/smoked beast and a big salad.

BRING enough beverages for you and your crew!
…and maybe some to share 🙂
No beverages supplied by “the house.”
No under 21 drinking is allowed. You must have ID. 

Please park at least 3 houses away. (seriously)
Parking on Stuart is highly recommended. It helps us keep a low profile and disperses parking impact. Carpool! Uber! Lyft!

PLAN your escape.. Pick a DD, have Uber installed on your phone with a payment method.
You don’t want a DUI in Boulder County.

Please leave your dog at home. It’s too crowded and crazy.

Kids? If they can sit and listen during the music, they are welcome to come. It is an adult event, so use your discretion.

DON’T smoke weed in your car – ANYWHERE in Colorado.
You will get hauled in for a blood test when they smell it in your vehicle and the DUI is just as bad! (public service announcement because we care)

🙂 We have a great party AND we listen during the set :

If everyone pitches in some awesomeness, we end up with a huge pile of awesome. Bring goodies, help out along the way, be kind and have a blast! More info will be sent via the meetup within a couple days of the event. PLEASE DO RSVP

This is a traditional, private event.
If you accidentally found this page and wish to come, email prennix at gmail dot com.
If someone invited you, you belong!